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HR Safe Space

Are you facing the weighty responsibilities and tasks of HR while also feeling drained, unsupported or isolated?


Do you find yourself wishing to have a friend, colleague or co-worker that truly understands the complexity of your HR role and responsibilities? 


Maybe it’s time that you joined a safe space for people in the HR industry. A space where HR professionals of all levels and walks of life come together, share experiences, ideas and wisdom and leave feeling inspired and equipped to lead in HR. As HR professionals ourselves, we have seen the need for this type of container and we are excited to provide what we have always needed, an HR Safe Space!


The HR Safe Space is a collective community of HR Leadership professionals. It is a space to learn, share, support and hold one another accountable in the complex space of HR and People Operations Leadership. This is a community where you can find support with timely and often complicated human leadership needs. We want to support you in your HR responsibilities by inviting you to an intentional collection of people leaders who can help you make better, more informed decisions, and share learned experience to raise the effectiveness of your organization and your teams.

Who is HR Safe Space for?  Head of People, HR VP, CPO,  HR "Team of 1" and other general HR and People Operations Leaders. 


Need to sell the value of HR Safe Space  to you organization so you can access funds?  We've made it easy. Letter to your manager here!

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 For more information on Otisa Eads.  You are currently on Nancy Trigg's website and can find more info on her above.

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