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Picture of Nancy. She looks really  happy.



Got-to-Market, Business Leadership and People Operations Advising for StartUps, Small Business and Non-Profits


With 20 years as a high-performing operational leader, and equal experience coaching and mentoring from within organizations, Nancy blends  business advising and coaching to be a great partner to leaders of all levels, helping to optimize both business and individual performance.

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Nancy has a talent for bringing movement to areas in an organization that feel stuck.  She embraces challenges and meets every obstacle directly with optimism and a certainty that there is a way through.  Share your dreams, roadblocks and goals and Nancy will work with you to identify a path forward for you and your organization.


“She is an amazing and dynamic person, with tremendous insight and strong leadership skills.

In my opinion, anyone who hires Nancy

will be extremely fortunate!”

- Helen Klagstad - Business Systems Mgr

“Nancy repeatedly demonstrates visionary thinking, exceptional strategic execution, and a contagious passion for people & for always doing The Right Thing”


 - Alex Ostler - CMO

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