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Leadership and Coaching Services

Executive Advising and Coaching

With 20 years as a high-performing operational leader, and equal experience coaching and mentoring from within organizations, Nancy blends business advising and leadership coaching to be a great partner to executives, helping to optimize both business and individual performance. Identify what’s holding you or your business back and implement strategies for continued growth.

Leadership Career Coaching and Advising

Nancy has a true passion for supporting emerging leaders. She can help you take that next step in your career and build a plan for the future. Develop communication strategies for presenting your best self within your organization and learn to navigate the complexities of managing and leading teams, while building your own career.

People Operations Coaching 

Team dynamics are tricky. Navigating them alone is even trickier. Nancy has spent decades developing tools for managing complicated relationships and team dynamics in the workplace. Let Nancy sit beside you as an advisor and coach as you navigate every day or sometimes complex dynamics within your team.


“Nancy has a talent for bringing movement to areas in an organization that feel stuck. She embraces challenges and meets every obstacle directly with optimism and a certainty that there is a positive way through. In situations in which it feels like an issue has been examined from all angles, she can often find a new way to view the problem and keep solutions flowing.”  

- Gia Upchurch - Customer Educator

“Nancy: she’s one of those rare people that can raise the game of an entire organization.”

- Mark Harrison - Sr Product Mgr 

Office Coffee Break
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